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Inside Georgia Public Broadcasting

Today, my class took a tour of Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB).

When you approach the elevators in the parking garage, there is a sign welcoming you to GPB. Take the elevator to the first level and walk down a long, colorful hallway to the lobby.

GPB promotes shows, like “Downton Abbey” and “Georgia Traveller.”

They have several studios used for various programs. The largest is Studio C. Huge productions happen here. The lighting is movable, unlike some other studios at GPB.

Our tour continued and took a close look at Studio B, where one of my other classes records newscasts. Unlike Studio C, the lighting does not move. GPB’s lights are LED, meaning they’re energy efficient and not as hot as traditional lighting.

We took a look at a control room and other studios. The master control room is monitored from an offsite location in Atlanta.

That concluded our tour. Thank you GPB!