The Internet and Traditional News

Traditional network newscasts have seen dwindling audiences for decades. Averaging around 22 million viewers a night in 2012, according to Pew Research, down from previous years. Two reasons for the decline are social media and the digitalization of news.

More and more people get their news from a site like Twitter or Facebook, than an evening network newscast. Posting on social media is a lot quicker and people can see breaking news in real time, instead of waiting until 6:30 p.m. to see the headlines for the day. Journalists on a social media site post breaking news or their stories.

Another reason for a decline in network news audience size is digital media. Everything is posted online. News organizations like ABC News have a strong presence online. News organizations now have separate departments to run digital media. The digital media includes the website, digital reports, and mobile device applications.

The above examples provide people with other ways to consume besides traditional network newscasts. Network news audiences continue to decline.

Am I one of the only people who prefers network news? Are there others like me?


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