Mobile Journalism

Mark Briggs covered mobile journalism in chapter 5 of Journalism Next. The introduction of the smart phone changed how journalists worked. Briggs said there was a new field– mobile reporting. Mobile reporters do everything. A recent survey conducted by Verizon and found that parents buy their children cell phones earlier and earlier. News organizations look for ways to utilize the mobile platform. That is how multimedia journalism came about.

According to Briggs, mobile devices make covering the news easier than ever. Briggs provided a start-up list for a mobile journalist. There are two types of mobile journalists: those who need to carry all of their devices and those who carry what they need.

For those who carry everything, Briggs said the following equipment is needed (Briggs 2012: 2194 and 2518 of Kindle edition):

  1. Laptop
  2. Internet for the laptop
  3. Camera for taking photos
  4. Video camera
  5. Tripod for the video camera
  6. Vocal recorder, like a Zoom
  7. Mic
  8. Headphones
  9. Mobile Phone

If you pack light, Briggs said all you need is a smartphone.

Briggs said Twitter is the ideal model for microblogging. There are many ways a mobile journalist can stream live video from their smartphone. He ended the chapter by saying to include the audience in reports.


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