The Facebook

Nearly everybody knows the Facebook story by now. Co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004, Facebook started as a social network for Harvard University students to connect. It soon grew to include other universities, and in 2005, “The Facebook” became just “Facebook.” The social media site soon became open to anyone with an email account. By the end of 2009, Facebook had around 360 million users.

Facebook is a great tool for journalists. They can post content and connect with viewers and readers. Some things for journalists to consider when setting up an account: use a professional profile and cover photos, choose a strong password to avoid hacking, post a lot of photos, videos, and stories, and interact with followers. It is strongly advised to avoid commenting to rude comments on Facebook. If needed to, take it off the site.

The most followed journalists on Facebook include Maria Shriver and the late Roger Ebert.


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