Using Technology

Chapter 9 in Briggs’ book was titled “Data-Driven Journalism and Digitalizing Your Life” talked about bringing technology into your work, whether it’s email, like Yahoo!, digital calendars, or a word processing system like Microsoft Word. Briggs provided a list of things to consider when purchasing a tool: the cost, whether it has to be online or offline, and the compatibility with other programs.

How does the use of technology affect journalism? According to Briggs, every story contains usable data. Stories contain “fielded data,” data that can be inputted into a spread sheet. Briggs explained how to create a spreadsheet in Journalism Next. He recommended including as many fields as possible.

According to Briggs, maps were another important tool used in journalism. Google Maps was an example he used in Journalism Next. Maps can be used in the news and breaking news stories. Another way maps can be used is to map data. Briggs concludes that electronic devices like smart phones changed hows maps are used.

In conclusion, I did not find this chapter very helpful. Most of the information in chapter 9, “Data-Driven Journalism and Digitalizing Your Life” is taught in secondary education.


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