Journalism and Everyday People

Chapter 3 of Journalism Next by Mark Briggs focused on reader involvement. The chapter provided a closer look at how citizens help change journalism. The methods discussed in the chapter were crowdsourcing, open-source reporting, and pro-am journalism.

Briggs provided definitions for each method discussed. “Crowdsourcing” allows the citizens to provide information. The method provided more ways to gain information about things happening.

The author spend a lot of time talking about crowdsourcing and different community papers that let citizens contribute.

Another method mentioned by Briggs was open-source reporting. Briggs said that transparency and allowing reader feedback is what open-source means. Examples are Facebook and Twitter. Certain stories are aimed towards a particular group of people. Beatblogging is a way to gain readers.

Briggs’ last method is Pro-Am Journalism. He said this is the most popular method and a good example is CNN iReport. The person does everything– gathers information, shoots video and photos.

Overall, I did not care for the chapter. Briggs spent way too much time discussing community newspapers. I am someone who believes a person should know the ethics before trying to be a journalist. I know people can provide important video and photos to help tell a story.


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