Good Blog, Bad Blog

A topic covered in Mark Briggs’ book was blogging. He listed ways to make a blog stand out.

Good Blogs:

The Pioneer Woman‘s blog is eye-catching and well done. The layout provides easy access to her recipes, with each recipe categorized at the top of the page. She provides humor and photos in each blog post, making it easy to read her blog. As Briggs mentioned in his book, those are ways to draw in readers and keep them interested.

The Taylor Swift Style blog provides a look at the fashion of recording artist Taylor Swift. The blog is clean and organized. Each article of clothing worn by Taylor is categorized by type of clothing, occasion, or album era. It makes it easier for visitors to Taylor Swift Style to locate their favorite outfit. One feature I really enjoy is if a piece of clothing is available for purchase, the blog owners post a link to where a person can buy it.

Bad Blogs:

An example of a bad blog is celebrity gossip site TMZ. The red header stands out to readers when they first log onto the website. I think TMZ is a bad example of a blog because of the content and the comment section. Based on Briggs’ book, I do not think TMZ’s blog is very well organized. It could be better.

Oh No They Didn’t celebrity gossip blog is another example of a bad blog. The website is clean, something Briggs suggested a blog should be. Oh No They Didn’t uses Live Journal. Live Journal causes the website to not run as well as a site like or Using a site like Live Journal is why I believe Oh No They Didn’t is a bad blog.


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